About Us


Balogh Studio Lighting grew together with the Hungarian Television, thanks to the founder Ferenc Balogh who developed his own constructions for fill and spotlights in the 1950-ies and 60’-ies. His flagship model, the compact, lightweight yet heavy-duty lamp, simply called „The Balogh”, had been one of the dominant models used in the Hungarian Television before fluorescent studio lighting became available.

In the early periods beside lighting equipments our company offered several other self-developed product groups as well, such as coffee roasters, tennis balls, washing machines and many others.
Today we produce studio equipment at full capacity. We provide a wide range of studio lights, lighting stands, hanging equipment such as C-clamps, safety cables, droparms, projector mounts and others.
We have several clients in the Western and Eastern part of Europe as well.
The company preserved its family character, Balogh Studio Lighting is currently lead by the 3rd generation of our family.
Since the great majority of our products is permanently in production or in stock we can usually provide short delivery terms.

You are welcome to visit our headquarters and production site and and meet us and our products personally.

Enjoy browsing our website and please feel free to ask any questions about the products, we are always here for you to help.